About Me!

Instead of keeping a low profile here and being anonymous, here’s a brief background on me:

1.) My name is Ruth

2.) Born and raised in Los Angeles

3.) First food truck I ever ate at was at the Kogi truck September 2009

4.) Reason why I started the Valleyfoodtruck twitter handle was primarily for a way for me to also promote the food trucks that were visiting my office in Burbank on a weekly basis, that started in May 2010

5.) I also was the marketing and sales manager for a really popular food truck (I shall not name, unless you already know, which some of you might!) for 1 1/2 years

6.) I’ve worked at several start up/small business organizations including MySpace.com

7.) My previous gig I was a full time marketing associate for a privately owned company that sells, integrates, installs, supports, consults and designs digital media systems for the entertainment industry for the last 5 years. I learn a lot about technology, it’s pretty overwhelming but fun!

8.) I used to be a rave promoter, still a huge electronic music dance fan, I’ve organized events small, underground, large all over Los Angeles county under the name Underground Source for 10 years.  I had a hotline that had information to where all those “underground” parties were located. I used to have to pass out flyers at events and even leave flyers on windshield wipers on cars to get the word out, this is before Twitter came along. I was also a DJ Booking manager and managed locally, national and worldwide talent.

9.) My first stint at early social media I was using messageboards on IRC (internet relay chat) to get mixtapes from DJ’s to book them for events and to promote events. My friend Jennifer and I created Cued-Up.com in 2002, a website dedicated to electronic dance music, we had music reviews, event reviews, message boards, giveaways and over 2,000 followers, this was way before blogs existed!

10.) Flash forward to today: I enjoy living in Los Angeles, exploring all the urban and suburban parts of this great city, including travelling abroad, staycations, hiking, yoga, cooking, eating good food and wine. I also like to stay as current as possible on all topics, regardless of what you have going on in your life, never stop learning, knowledge and information is key!

Lastly, I come with an arsenal of a mixed background and cool skill set, so be on the look out for more exciting projects that I hope to be announcing in the near future! Thanks for reading.